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Have you noticed a dip in your water’s pressure? Are you worried about the next time there’s a storm because your sump pump is broken? Reach out to Horn’s to put your mind at ease. Our licensed plumbing technicians have the training and experience to get the job done right and have the tools and technology to resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Whether your pressure booster has a leak or you need to completely replace your property’s sump pump, you can count on us to come up with a solid solution.

Call our expert plumbers today at (855) 232-5379 or request an appointment online. We’re available 24/7 for sump pump and booster installation, repair, and maintenance emergencies.

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Restoring the Pressure in Your Boosters

Your commercial building’s plumbing system has many moving parts to help it function properly. One such component is your pressure booster or booster pump. Tasked with maintaining adequate water pressure throughout your building’s plumbing system, without a booster pump, your faucets and fixtures would not be able to have sufficient water flow. 

The common booster pump issues we address include:

  • Low water pressure: This issue, often involving suction problems, is common. Clogged filters or a leak in the system can interfere with or hinder the pump’s suction capabilities. Other times, low pressure can be caused by an overburdened pump. Our knowledgeable technicians can examine your booster pump to pinpoint the reason for the low pressure to determine whether it needs repair, an upgrade, or maybe even an additional pump.
  • Overly high pressure: Booster pumps are meant to keep consistently high pressure, but they should stay within set parameters. If you notice the water pressure is higher than usual, you will need a professional inspect the pump and make the necessary adjustments. If the pressure is too high due to a breakdown or fault in the pump, we will make prompt repairs. 
  • Short cycling: If your booster pump shuts off and turns on repeatedly, this is called short cycling. The cause of this may be due to a leak in the system, clogged filters, or an obstruction in the supply pipe. Our technicians can determine the exact cause and expertly resolve the issue.

Whether your booster pump is aging and needs replacement, or has a leak that needs repair, we can give it the service needed to restore its pressure to keep the water flowing. 

Our Commercial Sump Pump Repair Services

Typically installed in elevators shafts and basements, sump pumps have the important job of preventing a property from flooding. Extreme rainy weather, storm drain backups, and worn pipes can potentially cause serious damage to your commercial property and make it unsafe for building occupants.

Commercial sump pumps work similarly to residential versions--when water reaches a set level, the sump pump is triggered by a float switch which activates the pump to divert water out of the building. Investing in a commercial sump pump can save you thousands of dollars in potential damage so when it breaks or fails to function, immediately call a licensed expert. Horn’s has been repairing and installing sump pumps in commercial buildings across Los Angeles County for more than 20 years.

Call us for sump pump repair or replacement if you notice your sump pump is:

  • Making banging or rattling sounds
  • Running constantly
  • Failing to run at all
  • Continuously cycling on and off
  • Showing visible damage (rust, etc.)
  • Improperly installed
  • Over 10 years old
  • “The service tech was nice and got the job done fast and professionally.”

    - Mike K.
  • “Tech onsite went over and beyond to help our situation of a failed test (not once, or twice) but on the third and final test (after cleaning and clearing), got us through it.”

    - Neil M.
  • “What I appreciate about them the most is that they care for their clients! They are honest and everyone from office staff to technicians are all friendly.”

    - Kate B.

Trust Horn’s for Your Booster & Sump Pump Needs in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, & Beyond

Pressure booster pumps and sump pumps are important utilities and safeguards for your commercial property’s plumbing system, but they are prone to failure. Whether you need repairs, upgrades, or anything in between, our specialists have the knowledge and experience to ensure your problems are resolved as soon as possible. 

Give our Valencia booster and sump pump repair experts a call at (855) 232-5379 or schedule an appointment online.

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