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When the water in your commercial building’s plumbing system fails to drain, or worse—begins to flow in the opposite direction—you have a backflow issue. This problem is more than just an unpleasant inconvenience; it can be a potentially serious health hazard by increasing the likelihood of toxic water mixing with and contaminating your clean water. If you are concerned about this, call Horn’s. Our technicians are certified in backflow prevention and testing and can install devices that can stop backflows from happening, ensuring that your clean water line remains uncontaminated.

Local water and health departments require businesses to test backflow systems every year to make sure they function as intended. By hiring us to test your backflow systems, we can provide you with all the necessary forms, paperwork, and certifications you need to be compliant on an annual basis. 

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How Do Backflows Occur?

Backflow is the unwanted reversal of the flow of water in your plumbing system. This often results in contamination of the water with unsanitary or toxic substances. Simply put, backflow mixes your clean water with dirty water, making it unsafe for drinking or use. You can immediately notice a backflow problem when the water from faucets and fixtures is brown and discolored or carries an unpleasant odor.

Backflow issues are typically caused in the following ways:

  • Back siphonage: When the water pressure in the plumbing system is low in relation to its supply, negative pressure can form, flowing the water backwards to the supply source. This usually happens because of a break in the water main or from excessive water use.
  • Back pressure: When water pressure is too high for the system’s water supply to handle, the water is forced back into the plumbing system. When that happens, the potable water can get mixed with non-potable water.

To prevent backflows from happening, it is necessary to install a safety device known as a backflow preventer. If circumstances lead to a significant change in water pressure, the backflow preventer will stop the dirty water from entering and mixing with the clean water supply. A licensed professional will need to make sure the device is properly installed and tested so it effectively keeps the clean water line uncontaminated.

Trust Horn’s for Professional Backflow Prevention Installations

Backflow prevention devices are mechanical, and as a result, they should be tested annually to ensure they are working as intended. Not scheduling and completing backflow testing in a timely manner can result in a municipal fine or the city shutting off the water supply to your building. That is why we recommend being proactive and scheduling testing ahead of time by giving us a call. 

Our technicians have the right equipment to check that your backflow system is working correctly. During testing, the water will need to be temporarily shut off. Because of this, we can make sure to schedule an appointment time that works best for you to minimize the inconvenience to your normal business operations.

If we find an issue while testing your backflow preventer, we will make the necessary fixes and adjustments to resolve the problem quickly. In the end, we want you to have peace of mind that your backflow device will be working as it should to keep your clean water contaminant-free.

  • “The service tech was nice and got the job done fast and professionally.”

    - Mike K.
  • “Tech onsite went over and beyond to help our situation of a failed test (not once, or twice) but on the third and final test (after cleaning and clearing), got us through it.”

    - Neil M.
  • “What I appreciate about them the most is that they care for their clients! They are honest and everyone from office staff to technicians are all friendly.”

    - Kate B.

Helping Businesses Stay Compliant Across Los Angeles, Santa Monica, & Surrounding Areas

Clean water is a necessity your business cannot afford to have compromised by backflow problems. Whether you have backflow issues or just need your backflow prevention systems tested, you can count on Horn’s to do the job right. We have provided backflow services for businesses across Los Angeles County since 2001. We will even travel to Orange County and surrounding areas to perform this service so your business stays up to code.

Contact us to schedule your backflow prevention and testing services in Valencia by calling (855) 232-5379 or completing our online form.

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