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Have you noticed a spike in your water bill despite no drastic changes in use? Are there wet spots along your ceilings and walls? Do you smell a weird sulfur odor in the air? These are all indicators that your commercial building has a plumbing leak. Leaks can range from minor to major and are potentially dangerous depending on the type. Locating where a leak is in a large building can be difficult, which is why you should leave it to the professionals. At Horn’s, our experienced leak locators use non-invasive, cutting-edge tools and techniques to accurately pinpoint your building leaks. Once found, we will come up with a quick and effective resolution that will save you money and keep you safe. We have been helping businesses find and fix their problem leaks for over 20 years and can do the same for you.

We can find and resolve the following types of leaks, and more:

  • Slab leaks
  • Gas leaks
  • Service line leaks
  • Sewage/storm leaks

Contact our skilled Valencia leak detection experts by calling (855) 232-5379 or using our online form to request an appointment for a free estimate.

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Signs You Have a Water Leak

When running a business, we know that you need to keep your doors open, but leaks can be an obstacle that can hurt operations or put you out of business if left unrepaired. Even a small leak can end up wasting hundreds of gallons of water over time, raising your water bills and causing potential structural damage. By having our skilled technicians find and catch leaks early, you can save yourself the cost of major repairs and keep your commercial space in good shape. 

Signs to watch out for if you suspect a leak:

  • Rising water bills
  • Wet marks or stains on ceilings, walls, and floors
  • Sounds of running water when no faucets are on
  • Smell of mildew or mold
  • Cracks on interior walls or floors

As a property manager or owner, it is your responsibility to make sure any leaks are addressed promptly. Horn’s team of leak detectors brings over 50 years of combined experience and state-of-the-art equipment to accurately and quickly find and fix leaks to stop them from causing further damage. Whether it’s from a damaged pipe or poor installation, we will set things straight with our out-of-the-box thinking.

What to Do When There’s a Gas Leak

Gas leaks are serious. These can occur in any building and can have dangerous consequences if not resolved quickly. Leaking gas lines can be caused by corroded pipes, damage caused by severe weather, faulty appliances, or poor ventilation. Due to the flammable nature of natural gas, an indoor leak can potentially be fatal by increasing the chances of a fire or explosion. Exposure to gas can also cause physical symptoms, like difficulty breathing, lightheadedness, and chest pains.

The most obvious sign of a gas leak is a strong sulfuric smell similar to rotten eggs. However, be wary of only relying on only smell to help you recognize a leak. Some other signs include hearing a whistling or hissing sound coming from a gas line or appliance or finding dead vegetation in your landscaping.

If you notice any of these signs, do the following:

  • Evacuate the building immediately. This is to protect you from inhaling lethal amounts of gas.
  • Get immediate treatment if you display symptoms. Get checked by a medical professional if you are not feeling well.
  • Leave the doors and windows open. This will help to air out the gas buildup indoors.
  • Avoid using any electronics or sources of ignition. 
  • Call Horn’s immediately. We will send a technician to inspect your building and monitor the gas levels in the air.

Fortunately, gas leaks caught early can be easily resolved in a quick and safe manner.

  • “The service tech was nice and got the job done fast and professionally.”

    - Mike K.
  • “Tech onsite went over and beyond to help our situation of a failed test (not once, or twice) but on the third and final test (after cleaning and clearing), got us through it.”

    - Neil M.
  • “What I appreciate about them the most is that they care for their clients! They are honest and everyone from office staff to technicians are all friendly.”

    - Kate B.

Why Clients in Valencia, Santa Monica, & Los Angeles Trust Horn’s for Leak Detection

  • We have licensed, certified, and bonded technicians
  • We arrive on time and work with a sense of urgency
  • We have been in business for 20+ years
  • We treat your commercial property as if it were our own
  • We are solution oriented
  • We work with honesty and integrity

The most important reason why clients choose Horn’s for leak detection is because we care. When you contact us, we will educate you on what’s going on so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed. With our upfront, straightforward estimates, the only thing you’ll be surprised about is how quickly we find and repair your leak and how courteous we are.

Dial (855) 232-5379 or request an appointment online to schedule your free estimate for leak detection services in Valencia. We are available 24/7 for emergencies.

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